4 Real Estate Photography Tips For A Smooth Closing

In selling your house, you need to have the best asking price possible for you to get some good income for your next home. Preparing your home for real estate photography is one of the most significant steps in a successful sale. Any home seller who puts a lot of effort during the preparation will be able to get great deals with the right elements in place. It"s like having expert attorneys title and closing services when you"re preparing to buy your home, but this time you want to attract a reasonable price for your property.

A real estate listing with stunning pictures can catch the attention of potential buyers, and that"s what you"re aiming for. If you were the buyer you would not go for a listing that has no pictures or maybe has images, but bad ones. As a seller, you have considered the sentiments of the buyer regarding what they want to see, and this can happen effectively in your real estate photography. Today, we provide with tips to make your home more ready for a photo shoot.

Stage your home interior.

Staging your home for real estate photography is essential. It"s as important as getting lenders title insurance to convince the bank that they should lend you the finances you need. Every stuff that you have in your house needs to look great in the photos to give some character. Here are some things you should do before taking the shots:

real estate photography for closingDeclutter and keep it clean.

To show the beauty of your space in photos, you need to clear any visual clutter in all rooms. Pros would recommend getting rid of one-third of the furniture and other ornaments to come up with a clean space. Buyers would want a spacious home and see an amount of clutter would be a major turn-off. You can store your extra items at your garage, or you can sell them off if you"re considering of moving anyway. Purging and decluttering should be done during the preparation of your packing. Just leave a few pieces of furniture for your photo session. Fewer possessions can instantly make your home feel cleaner and bigger.

Natural light is your friend.

Daylight makes your photos look brilliant so, it"s highly recommended to take pictures during the daytime. Take advantage of the natural lighting and open your curtains or blinds. The light will automatically bring your staged items to life. However, you wouldn"t want to have direct sunlight seeping through windows as it will create too much contrast. You will want to wait when it"s bright outside like in the late morning to get the right amount of exposure. Taking interior photos on a cloudy day will produce instead a gloomy picture which can be less impressive.

Turn the lights on.

Aside from natural lighting, you also need to show off all your interior lighting in some rooms in your home. This is the perfect time to turn on all those specialty lightings you may have such as table lamps, under cabinet lighting and so on. Seeing all those lights in the photos can give an impression to the buyer that it will still be bright even after darker hours.

Add some contrast pieces.

Fresh flowers can give a pop of color to some neutral colors in your home. It instantly becomes a focal point and gives a nice touch to your photos. Even fake flowers can do the trick, but you need to choose something lush. Some bold artwork and decor can also be utilized. Whatever you go for, it instantly adds aesthetic value to your pictures.

It takes a lot of practice a lot of patience to take the right photo. You can get a lot of pictures so you can have choices. Learn to experiment and always think of seeing the image in the buyer"s perspective. Once you achieve this, you"ll be sure to expect a nice offer and a smooth closing.

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